Plum Garden Tilda Fabric | Fat Quarter Bundle Nutmeg

Fat Quarter Packs – a super way to add a selection of fabric designs to your stash.

Fabric Collection

Curated specially by the Tilda creative team behind the range. The selection coordinates perfectly, a gorgeous group of Plum Garden fabric prints. Fat Quarter Pack & Thread Offer – Super Saving See Below.

SKU#: E106793-02

Plum Garden Tilda Fabric | Fat Quarter Bundle Nutmeg

Plum Garden Tilda Fabric | Fat Quarter Bundle Nutmeg


Five Fat Quarter Pack Contains

100% Cotton Fabric Pieces. Size of fabric pieces: 20" x 22" approx. Total number of fabric fat quarters: 5 The equivalent of 1.25 metres of fabric at 44″ wide! Superb Value.

Fat Quarter Pack Ultimate Tilda Offer

If you can't decide (or can't resist) which fabrics to choose we have popped together an ultra special offer for a pack of all the Tilda Plum Garden Packs which are available. This represents 27 Fat Quarters of gorgeous Tilda fabric. You save an extra 10% off buying the packs individually! Just click the drop down box for price information.

Plum Garden Fabric Inspiration

Inspired by the autumn garden this versatile collection has a charming hand-drawn look, with flowers, ducks and teardrop shapes. A beautiful calm autumn pallet that contains Peach, Plum, Nutmeg and Blueberry. The collection lends itself well to cozy autumn quilts and other seasonal projects.

Quilt Waddings & Battings

With an extensive selection of Quilt Waddings / Battings available we are sure to have one ideal for your next project. View the full Empress Quilt Wadding / Batting Range. E106793-02
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