Template Set, 10 Designs Included | Prym

Set of six stencils for producing ten classic patchwork patterns.  Contains a square stencil and a matching triangular stencil, both in three sizes: 2 inch, 2.8 inch and 4 inch.

The stencil set from Prym is ideal as a starter kit for all newcomers to patchwork projects. The pack comes with instructions, explaining the process in five simple steps. It also introduces the ten most popular designs for patchwork quilts or cushions.

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Template Set, 10 Designs Included | Prym

Template Set, 10 Designs Included | Prym

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Prym's Patchwork Template Set

  • Patchwork stencils for patchwork quilts and cushions

  • A square and a matching triangle in each of 3 different sizes

  • Stable plastic ideal for multiple uses

  • Complete instructions included

  • Instructions include information on; Card Trick, Spinning Geese, Waterwheel and Double T designs.

Part of the larger range of marking accessories for textiles.

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