Omnigrid Universal Ruler | cm Scale | 15 x 30 cm

Omnigrid 15 x 30cm square ruler with 30°, 45° & 60° angle markings. Ideal for a range of sewing projects including dressmaking, patchwork & upholstery the Prym Omnigrid Brand is the global mark of excellence in textile ruler accuracy and practicality.

Created with a host of unique features the simple question is: Why compromise on quality?

  • Distortion free plastic allows ease of visibility when marking & measuring fabrics.
  • Highly precise measurements thanks to laser marking technology.
  • Thick and robust material helps steadily guide Rotary Cutters & Art Knifes.
  • Created specifically to be distortion free and manufactured with laser marking for complete accuracy.

SKU#: P611307

Omnigrid Universal Ruler | cm Scale | 15 x 30 cm

Omnigrid Universal Ruler | cm Scale | 15 x 30 cm


Omnigrid - The Global Mark Of Ruler Excellence

No matter what your project, sewing, dressmaking or patchwork, the Prym Range of Omnigrid Rulers provides the perfect tool for every requirement. Transparent rulers make it easy to take measurements on both light and dark fabrics plus make measuring and marking around fabric designs simple.

Manufactured with a number of useful characteristics you can see why Omnigrid set the benchmark in terms of quality in the ruler market.

All these factors combine to create a ruler that is so unique Prym hold a global patent on their design.

Don’t forget every measurement must be marked!

Take a look at our full range of Fabric & Sewing Project Markers. Covering everything from water-soluble pens through to classic fabric chalk and pencils there is sure to be the marker ideal for your project.

Part of the Extensive Empress Haberdashery range.

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