Multi Bag Set Vilene

Fab new bag project from Vilene - simple to makemulti functional bag created with your own ideas... take your favourite things with you wherever you go!

Set comes with all the key components you need to make your new bag plus full instructions and visual step-by-step guide. You do need a few extra bits - fabrics etc. (essentially the personal preference bits & bobs). Full info is below so be sure to take a look.

The kit is a great stepping stone for beginners wanting to experiment with bag making and also for more experienced stitchers wanting to try various Vilene products and of course achieve a well roundedprofessional finish.

More info below...

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Multi Bag Set Vilene

Multi Bag Set Vilene

Available to buy in increments of 1

Full Multi Bag Information

  • All Vilene elements pre cut to make creating the bag clear.

  • Ability to incorporate own tastes, crucially being able to select outer fabrics, linings & trims.

  • Step-by-step visual instructions.

Shopping list

As well as the multi bag kit be sure to have the following items available. Essentially these are the ingredients that let you tailor the design to your own tastes!

  1. Lining of your choice for pocket bag and handles

  2. Backing fabric of your choice; can also be an outer fabric

  3. Material for 2 button loops (we have found elastic cord works very well!)

  4. 2 buttons of your choice

  5. Bias tape to place around the edges

  6. 2 woven ribbons for handles

  7. Sewing Thread in matching colours (Empress Thread Plus is ideal)


Full details do come with each bag set but you can also download the Multi Bag Instruction Leaflet Here.

There is also an extremely helpful Multi Bag You Tube Video available. Be sure to have a watch, it is great for further information.

Recommended Thread

Sew you fabric bag projects with Empress Thread Plus. Ideal for sewing all bags and medium weight textile projects. Twice as strong as a standard thread but not twice as thick so no need to change your needle.

The Vilene Ingredients

In case you are looking at stocking up on the Vilene components of the kit we do stock them all by the metre.

Decovil 1 Interfacing    |    Thermolam Wadding    |    Bondaweb

The Kit & Ordering

We are delighted to supply the latest kit from Vilene. Please be sure you have read the above shopping list as it is important you add the personal touches (fabrics, buttons, trims etc.) separately or from your own stash!