Lamifix | Shiny

Lamifix is a super Vilene Product designed to allow you to easily laminate fabrics of your choice.

Strong, durable & wipeable it is ideal for sponge bags, beach bags...... also fabulous on the outside of bags.

This Shiny version lets the true vibrancy of your fabric shine through. Lamifix Matt - which adds a subtle opaqueness to fabrics is also available.

Very Simple To Apply
Simply iron to your fabric and allow to set. Stitch as you would a normal fabric. See below for full instructions.

18" / 45cms wide.

Reductions available for purchases of 3m+

SKU#: E102432

Lamifix | Shiny

Lamifix | Shiny

  • Buy 3m for £3.80 each and save 22%
  • Buy 15m for £3.75 each and save 23%
Available to buy in increments of 0.5

How To Apply Vilene Lamifix

Simply place the Lamifix over your fabric, lay a lightweight tea towel over the top and lightly iron (mid heat setting). Start ironing in the middle and work out. Remove the tea towel and inspect for bubbles. If bubbles are found repeat the process.

When there are no air pockets, replace the tea towel and, with iron on mid heat setting, press for 8 seconds per area of Lamifix. Work from the middle out.

For complete adhesion - allow to set for 24 hours prior to stitching. Once set treat as a normal fabric and stitch as you would usually.

Lamifix Ordering

Lamifix Shiny Orders will be cut as one continuous length up to the 15m standard full roll option.

Reductions available for purchases of 2m+

Bag Project?

Are you using the laminate as part of a bag project?

Then why not also Line, Wad & Stiffen your bag using Empress Superliner. It is what we used to make the sample bags seen in the gallery image.

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