Handbags & Totes

Bags can be functional, stylish, colourful, or whimsical. This book shows you how to sew your own one-of-a-kind bags to satisfy all your needs and tastes. Create personalised bags that range from sophisticated to indispensable. Learn the basics of bag sewing techniques, and get tips for going green with upcycled found fabrics. This book demystifies the bells and whistles that go into designer bags so that you can craft your own with the same flair… but not the same price!

Whether you want your bag plain and simple or detailed and complex, you’ll find plenty of fun options, motifs and ideas to get you started

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Handbags & Totes

Handbags & Totes


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Pages: 144
Dimensions: 1.3 x 21.6 x 27.9 cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1574214222