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Empress Guide To Dressforms

Dressform Guide

Types Of Dressform

There are two main varieties
of Dressform, a Fixed Dressform and an Adjustable version. Adjustable Dressforms normally have a variety of adjustable wheels which allow for various alterations so they can be adapted to fit
a specific persons body shape. The Tailor’s Dummy is a classic fixed Dressform, these are perfect for someone starting out in dressmaking, for display purposes or if you are looking for an economical alternative to the ‘full fledged’ adjustable version.

Intended Use Of Dressforms

Will you be using the dressform as a body double for yourself? Do you expect your body shape may alter slightly? If so then an Adjustable Dressform would be perfect, the dials allow you to change the body shape at a multitude of different points and with measured precision. However the adjustments may not work for wide differences in body shapes which is why there are multiple size options available.

Standard Fixed Dressforms are great for displaying fabrics, designs & prototype pieces or for creating clothing to fit a more generalised size.

Dressform Image TwoDressform Features

Fully Pinnable or Partially Pinnable? Dressforms which are fully pinnable have a layer of foam which is much thicker allowing pins to be fully inserted unlike a partially pinnable dressform where pins have to be inserted at an angle.

How adjustable is the dressform?

Most adjustable dressforms have multiple adjustable areas. Check for key areas, is it adjustable at the neck, bust, hips & waist? Can you lengthen the body? The Prymadonna Dressform has an eight piece body and a
total of thirteen different adjustments
making it one of the most adaptable on the market.

View Adjustable Dressforms    View Fixed Dressforms

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