Design Sheet, Repositionable Adhesive, 40x80 inch | Prym

A fantastic idea, these Prym Fabric Design Sheets allow you to lay out your fabric pieces before final sewing.

The sheets are a non woven fabric which have a natural friction enabling other fabrics to stick gently to it without the use of glues.

You can lay out your fabric pieces for either a quilt, dress pattern or other project then hold/pin it up so you can see the design from a distance & make changes easily. A protective paper is also included to stop fabrics moving during storage and transport.

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Design Sheet, Repositionable Adhesive, 40x80 inch | Prym

Design Sheet, Repositionable Adhesive, 40x80 inch | Prym


Fabric Design Sheet

40" x 80" (100cms x 200cms)

For designing individual patterns by means of temporary adhesion of fabric piece. Also included is a protective paper which prevents the preprepared pattern from slipping during storage and transport.

  • Contains Absolutely No Glues

  • Contains Absolutely No Resins

  • Absolutely No Residue Left On Your Fabric

Suitable For Most Materials

Ideal for a host of fabrics including cottons, polyesters, silks and more.

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