Adjustable Thimble | Prym

Open topped so ideal for those with longer fingernails, the Prym Adjustable Thimble is comfortable, a perfect fit and enables accuracy while sewing.

The special dot-shaped notches on the top and the side grooved notches allow for very precise needle guidance and prevent the needle from slipping. By shortly heating in boiling water, it can be perfectly adjusted to any size.

This thimble is also suitable for people with allergies, sensitive to the usual metal thimbles, as it is completely made of plastic.

SKU#: P431790

Adjustable Thimble | Prym

Adjustable Thimble | Prym


  • High wearing comfort when sewing with long fingernails.

  • 100% plastic thimble.

  • Adjustable in size with boiling water.

  • Prym quality.

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