Brusho Acrylic Shimmer Spray 60ml | Charcoal

Charcoal Acrylic based fine mist sprays which are non-toxic. The Shimmer sprays add a touch of lustre to the surface.

Try layering one colour over another. Ideal for creative projects on paper, card, fabric, board and in silk paper making.

Spray from a distance for an even mist or up close for a droplet or beading effect. Outstanding effects can be achieved on Bondaweb. Excellent light fastness.

Available in 60ml Spray.

More info below...

More info below...

SKU#: 101069

Brusho Acrylic Shimmer Spray 60ml | Charcoal

Brusho Acrylic Shimmer Spray 60ml | Charcoal

The Brusho Acrylic Shimmer Range is formulated using the unique Crystal Colour Brusho Powder manufactured exclusively in Sheffield UK.

Brusho offers super bursts of colour and a high degree of light fastness. The Shimmer collection takes this a step further with the introduction of a sparkle powder to add extra lustre to your work.

Wheat and gluten free. VOC and Oil free.  Acid free.

UK Manufacture.

6 Shade Brusho Shimmer Selection

The Six Shade Shimmer Selection contains the 6 most popular colours including:  Gold, Copper, Bronze, Silver Pearl, Violet & Turquoise.

11 Shade Brusho Shimmer Selection - Offer

Select the 11 Pack option to receive one of each shade in the range. We have also popped a reduction off the usual price as a little treat!

11 Shade Brusho Shimmer Selection & Bundle - Offer

When bought in conjunction with the Brusho Shimmer Selection you Receive 20% Off the normal Egyptian Cotton Fabric Bundle price.

Bundles are a half kilo selection of various sized pieces of fabulous mercerised Egyptian Cotton Fabric – White.

The fabric is perfect for painting and dyeing using the Brusho range of colours & sprays. Being mercerised the fabric has had the vast majority of loose fibres removed meaning there will be no distortion or colour loss in your designs.